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Premium Wood and Bamboo Products

Product Development, Manufacturing and Distribution

Nelson International is a global sourcing and distribution network combining purchasing power, flexibility and experience. Through a network of offices in North America, Nelson International offers materials, finished goods, and international trade services of unparalleled quality .


Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Nelson International is linked to a network of offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Long established and solid strategic relationships enable us to offer unparalleled products and services. Having a worldwide presence, Nelson International can assure our customers of the most competitive prices available.



Nelson International offers services with an emphasis on system optimization, using state of the art communications and computer technology. From efficient processing of orders to timely delivery, all procedures are fast and cost effective. Warehousing in strategic locations facilitate "Just in Time" delivery. Above all, skilled personnel are available and responsive to customer's specific and changing needs.



Progressive and service driven, Nelson International strives to constantly expand and build its reputation as a reliable supplier of quality materials, finished goods, and international trade services. Onsite inspections at every facility ensure products are manufactured to precise industry standards.

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