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Building Products 

Door and Jambs 
Decking and Siding
Vitrous Ceramic Products

In 1977 David Nelson founded Nelson International, a company developing, manufacturing and distributing wood products.  Originally producing wooden handles and dowels, the company has grown to offer a diverse range of products and services. 


Over the years, Nelson International has developed a global network of suppliers and joint venture partners.  Overseas staff trained in North America work closely with manufacturing partners to create high quality products that are shipped worldwide on a timely basis.


Progressive and service driven, Nelson International strives to constantly expand and build on a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality materials, finished goods and international trade services.


Nelson International has grown over the years through innovation, creativity and sound management.  With extensive knowledge and experience in foreign markets, a high priority is placed on identifying and building relationships with manufacturing partners throughout the world.

Quality Guaranteed

Nelson International, its suppliers, and partners collaborate to deliver best quality and customer satisfaction standing behind their products with a full warranty. 

Head Office

101-197 Forester St.

North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A6, Canada

T: 604.689.9324

F: 604.682.4133

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